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Default Comfort Eating

Okay, this thread has NOTHING to do with healthy nutrition & healthy eating. It's more to do with the choices that we make, & WHY & HOW we make them regarding what we eat.

This past few months, I've been working on building several houses with a number of construction workers on site. Every lunchtime, several of the workers (around 75%) eat large amounts of junk food.

2 litre bottles of fizzy juice
fish & chips from the local fish & chip shop

In the morning's, it's a trip to the local bakers where lots of pies, sausage rolls cakes are bought. & then after work, it's another trip to the local fish & chip shop.

Now, during the day I was never tempted to eat any of the above. But after work, I couldn't help but consume sweets, chocolate & crisps.

Sometimes, whether it was the weather or the stress of the work involved, I'd get so down I needed comfort food. If you're working in the pouring rain, & tempers are getting short, all you can think about during the day is a cold beer with a bag of tortilla chips & some chocolate & gummi bears.

Obviously, these feelings that I & millions of other construction workers get is purely psychological. These foods are comfort foods.

The point of this thread is, does anyone else slip into the comfort food dungeon? Or have you slipped into the comfort food dungeon before? How do you beat this? How do you beat it forever?

I feel that this is an important topic in today's society. With advertisements here, there & everywhere selling flashy packaging food, I think everyone has slipped into the dungeon at some point.


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