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Deep heat to lower back and light stretching

Squats with cambered bar
Bar for 2 sets
60kgs for 2 sets of 5
Add suit, straps down
100kgs x 3
140kgs x 3
Straps up and add belt
180kgs x 1
200kgs x 1
Knee wraps
220kgs x 1
240kgs x 1
Tighter knee wraps
252.5kgs x 1 PB
260kgs x 1 PB a little high but much better than last time's 250


So last night I slept from 11:30-3:15 and then was up with a sick Mini until 5:00, sleeping again until 07:30. As well as being tired, I have been coming down with Mini's cold today. I thought about postponing the session until tomorrow but you know you're serious about lifting when your thought process goes:

"If I wait until tomorrow, I might be too sick to train so I'd better train today."

So I dosed up on phenylephrine, paracetamol and more caffeine and went in. Warm-ups were tough but took my time and eventually found a rhythm. I asked Hazzard to cue me to sit back and that really helped me to hit depth today. 220kgs was easy. 240 was smooth as well. 252.5 was a bit of a struggle but comfortable enough for me to go up to the big 6pps. I was tiring at this point but really wanted the lift so pushed on. Wrapping myself was taking ages and after that I was putting straps up on the suit, putting wrist wraps on, belt on, chalk and smelling salts. By this time I had lost some of the feeling in my calves and feet. I need to get this quicker. As I walked out 260 I clipped the rack again, took my time and got set-up well. Starting the squat but was sitting down. I literally stopped at 1/4 squat height and thought about coming up and racking it there but I decided to sit back and push on through. I thought I cut the squat very high but the video doesn't look too bad. I need more hip and lower back strength to sit back more but what strikes me most is my back arch or lack thereof. The cambered bar will have rounded me over a bit but I fold pretty badly at the bottom of the heaviest reps. Something to work on for sure. Got to put myself in a good position in the hole to be able to use my strength. Strength begets strength.

No time for assistance after all that so I went home to eat Mrs LtL's awesome chilli with sweet potato and an email to confirm that I will soon be a rep for an awesome supplement company. All in all, a pretty good night Now if I can just get some sleep...

Video rendering now.

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