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I am parallel squatting off an estimated rep max of 350 pounds, currently building from 3x3 reps almost at point of doing 3x5 solid reps with 295 pounds, last cycle in winter got up to 325 pounds for 2 sets of 5.

I am trap bar deadlifting from lower mid shin ( plates on cinder blocks) off a 90% 1rm of 325 pounds, top set of 5 using wendler rep scheme is just under 290 lbs.

Seated overhead press is currently 3x5 work sets with 145 pounds, this past winter was at 160 pounds for sets of 3, done strict from pins inside my power rack.

Bench Press is based on estimated 1rm of 210-215 pounds. Currently at 190 pounds for 3-4 sets of three in strict form. I have very long arms, 37.5 sleeve...

Some additional lift info: One arm rows 126 pounds for 2x5; barbell curls 110 for 3x5; weighted sit ups 102.5 pound dumbbell on chest for sets of 8, side bends 80 pounds sets of 8 each side, thick bar holds 210 pounds for 40 seconds...............Close grip bench press 184 pounds for 3 sets of 3 done strict.

Again, I do weigh 230 at 6-3 and am not ripped but have a fairly trim waist, on a good day can see faint outline of my abs but this honestly isnt my main concern.

I totally agree with you that persistence is key and hard work and I credit the gains I have made on sticking to the basics from the likes of Kubik and Christy but I over analyze everything and the whole rep scheme just confuses me to the point where I wish I knew where I should be at in terms of the best progression schemes. I know that is secondary but it has to count for something, no??

Is Primal 5,3,1 best? is Regular Wendler 5,3,1 best. At my age and recovery, I do think abbreviated training is best so i normally do 3 day a week divided type routines where each main lift is hit once directly . Here is my current routine:

Monday: Squat 3x3/5, once at 3x5, I add wt and drop to 3x3 and repeat week in and week out.
Bench press: 5,3,1 but using 3 top sets each week and microloading
One arm row: 3x3/5 same progression as above for squat
Push-ups -finisher : 3x5,building up to 5x10 then adding weight on vest or backpack
Weighted sit up 2x12,2x8, 2x5 rotating each week

Wednesday: Overhead press 3x5 ,now using 5,3,1 scheme but with 3 top sets
Barbell curl: same double progression as in rows
Barbell calf raise 2x12; 2x8, 2xs5 rotating each week

Friday :Trap bar deadlift: regular Wendler 5,3,1 scheme as in course
Close grip bench: 3x3/5
Weighted side bends: 2x10,2x7,2x5 rotating each week
Grip work
Sandbag finisher such as carries and loading drill
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