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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Depth is very low. With how far you end up getting forward I would try to pull it up some. Also, watch your elbows and keep them locked. You need every bit of back tightness you can get to stay as upright as possible.

From the front things look solid. Good positioning.

I would just not try to go as deep, keep those elbows tight. Both of those things should protect your lower back more as you get stronger and stronger.
Thanks BtB. I appreciate the help as always

Originally Posted by IronWill View Post
Wow! Diving deep there Brute!
Thanks IW!

Weird session today. Worked with a friend of mine on form, but got interrupted during the session. During the first go, I did

Squats @ 135
Bench, 3 triples @ 185
DB Row 5 x 105
Deadlifts 5 x 135
BB row 5 x 135
BTNP 5 x 45

Next round, this afternoon was rushed. 25 minutes total.

185 x 6 triples - 10 breathes between sets

DB Row
85 x 20
85 x 20

BTNP - everything was fried by this point
135 x 10
135 x 4
135 x 2 -> repeat weight next week. I can get it if things aren't so crazy

DB Curl
40 x 10
40 x 7
40 x 5 -> progress
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