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I dedicated this meet to my 2 mentors, Steve & LtL (Al). What else can be said about them that hasn't already. They have both been there for me since the day I joined this forum. Ever since, they have been turning my life around in a positive direction. This meet was not as much about how much I lifted, but was about building my confidence, which has been lacking all my life. The second last thing I told my mom just before she passed last February was that I was going to compete at a powerlifting meet in Vernon. She mustered up a big smile. I brought her 35th AA Birthday medallion with me - it was tucked into my shoes for every lift. I also brought her picture with me each time I approached the platform, so that she could watch me lift.

So, I will start from the beginning. We met my brother at his house just before departing for Vernon. He surprised me with a signed bill of sale for my 1990 7Up Mustang. I was so happy, as this is something I have been hoping and waiting for for over 17 years. On the way to Vernon, my brother was almost hit head on by a Semi as he was attempting to pass an Old truck spewing diesel pollution so thick nobody could see. It was making me feel ill as well. Luckily, he managed to get over back into the lane just within feet of hitting the semi. He is fortunate to have a great handling Acura TypeR (Racing) sedan, and to be alive. He gave me a fricken heart attack though.

About 10K out of Vernon (On the way to Vernon), my eyes started to water really bad and then they felt like they were dipped in acid I couldn't see and I was going 100K down the highway. I managed to get to the side of the road. The pain was searing and intense. I was screaming in pain and couldn't see, except for a bit thru my right eye. OMG, I thought I was losing my vision forever. Luckily, after about 15 minutes the pain started to subside and my vision started to come back. The soreness lingered on, even thru the meet on Saturday.

I was also glutenized the night before the meet, and had to make several trips to the washroom during the meet. During the meet, a small plane crashed somewhere nearby the meet location. Car alarms were going off all over the place, along with sirens from emergency vehicles. You can hear some of them during my failed 365 squat opener. We later heard 2 people died, and the plane narrowly missed a soccer field where there was a game going on.

Thanks to everyone for all the support and inspiration. I am honored to be a part of MAB. None of this would be possible without you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am damn proud of this accomplishment, as you should all be proud of yourselves for helping a lifter who was ready to quit a few years ago, become what he is today.

My brother, his wife Shirley, my sister Wendy and her fiance' Don, brother in law Tony and his wife Pina and daughter Rosa, and of course my wife Licia, and daughter Megan all made the trip with me. We celebrated after the meet at a quaint little Italian restaurant (Of course Italian, as my wife and family are Italian). They had imported gluten free pasta, which was trhe best I have ever had, along with lots of wine. It was one of the best times I have ever shared with my family. I know mom was smiling down upon us.

So, without further adieu, let's get to the meet results!!

My biggest goal, and what I wanted most, was a 405 squat. A 3 way white lighted 4 PPS squat means everything to me. After I bombed on my opener, I was devastated. After I collected my thoughts, I tried to think of what would Al do. I reckoned I would attempt 365 again for confidence, and then if good, go for broke and get what I wanted, the 405 squat. I did it. It was the most exciting thing I have ever done, as I looked each direction for the flags. I dunno what happened on the opener, other than maybe I got messed up as I have never used a monolift before. It weird, to just get set, and then boom, the weight is on the shoulders. It's like, WTF do I do now? LOL

On bench, I was marinating in weaksauce during my warm up. 225 felt like a ton of bricks, so I quickly lowered my opener from 250 to 243, thinking I do not want to miss another opener. In fact, Bench-itis struck the whole meet, as almost everyone was missing the 2nd attempts. Under the curcumstances, I am very happy witht he 243. I have done 265 paused in the JimGym, but at a meet, it is a whole new ballgame. Lifting at a meet simply is NOT like lifting anywhere else.

Ondeads, 405 felt just right during my ramp up, so I knew 425 was still a go for my opener. 425 felt easy, so I knew I had 440 in me for my 2nd lift. It was hard, but not too bad, so I thought maybe a lifetime PR was in the cards, so I went for 452. I felt my back straining too much. ( I strained it somewhat on my 2 failed bench attempts of 259) In hindsight, I probably should have gone for 250 or so on my 2nd lift for bench. I just didn't feel the risk of injury was worth it, since I already had 440 in the bank, so I let it go in a split second decision.

A couple of final thoughts. I found out after the meet, that my happy dance after the 365 good squat inspired a petite lifter named Adrienne to nail her third lift. It was a PR for her and this was her first meet. I found out via my sister, who was in the washroom at the same time as Adrienne, and she asked if I was her brother. My sister said yes, and she told her the dance inspired to to get it done. This was truly the highlight of the meet and made me cry.

And finally, I met a lifter named Brian Johnston at the meet. He runs a powerlifting association here in Calgary, and he invited me to join his powerlifting team and join the gym where they train. They also run meets here in Calgary. Here is the link:

Independent Powerlifting Association

I am so honoured to be invited to train with them!!! WoooooooooHoooooooooo

Oh yeah, I also got first place in my class of 230 lbs. They must have factored in age somehow, as I thought 1 other guy lifted more, but I may be wrong.

365 Fail
365 3 white flags
405 3 white flags

Bench Press
243 Good, although I fluffed a command - I racked it before the command. He let it go as it was my first meet
259 Fail
259 Fail

425 Good
440 Good
452 Fail

My Favorite Part Of Lifting Is Having The Opportunity
Meet PR's: (May 2014) Raw Natural
Squat 475 lbs
Bench: 286 lbs
Deadlift: 501 lbs
Total: 1262 lbs
Age: 50

Gym PR's:
Squat: 495 lbs
Bench: 300 lbs
Deadlift: 520 lbs/500X5
Total: 1315 Lbs
Age 50

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