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What are your thoughts on lifting forums and the posting of pictures and videos...
This is the only forum, that I have experience with that has a rule for such. I personally like the rule, and feel it sets this forum apart, in a good way.

The rule does not say you have to have a picture to be a member, only that you must provide one as a sort of resume to give lifting advice. Again, this is a good policy.

Members should not have an issue with giving there experience level, or particular area of what they consider their expertise area. Responses should be tempered with the thought as to what is opinion, and what is considered fact. Many people confuse their opinion for fact.

-- Do you feel it helps a forum when everyone is encouraged to be forthcoming about their current state, and posts pictures and videos?

Again, this is what sets this forum apart from others. Frankly, I like it. It keeps the BS chest beating down, and promotes a more real, mature, serious lifting atmoshere for discussion. I'm not against having fun, and making some jokes. However these things can get out of hand and destroy a good forum. The quality of the content is diluted by too much of this type of behavior. There are plenty of places to go act like a fool, go there and do that. Come here to lift, and SFW.

-- Do you feel that a lifting forum should stay out of the business of encouraging lifters to post pictures?
No. Not here at least.

There are already plenty of places like that. The internet is full of E-stat Supermen. I'd rather have 10 serious lifters together, than 100 BS people who only talk like they are the greatest thing since Arnold.

What do you think and why? Any personal stories from either side of the fence?

I think I've pretty much covered my thoughts. MAB, needs to be different. We don't need to do what the other guys do. is a huge forum with plenty of people. It's also a wasteland because it is allowed to run amuck in so many ways.'s workout section is a prime example of what can happen when things are allowed to be polluted. That sub-forum is a complete wasteland of BS.

Change your rule to say that anybody can offer any advice without having any idea of who they are, and this place will turn into that.

There is already the seeds of some behavior starting to take shape here that needs to be addressed. It's not out of hand, but better to kill it before it becomes commonplace than to let this place be contaminated by it.

Lets keep our mission in focus, and concentrate on what we are here to do.
Get big, get strong, get ripped!
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