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Default Final Karbolyn Write Up

First I want to say thank you to AAEFX for giving me the opportunity to try this product.

Overall great product, it does everything that it says it does. I want to preface this write up by saying this is a carbohydrate product, nothing magical, but a great product.

Taste 10/10
Awesome!!! I could drink this stuff all day long. I liked to mix a scoop with about 40 ounces of water, kept the flavor light and that way it would last my entire workout. I also liked it cold, added some ice. Very refreshing.

Mixability 10/10
Never any clumps. Could just shake around 2 or 3 times and it was perfect.

Energy 8/10
Gave me a slight boost throughout my workout. Once again this is a carb product, so it does not give you a caffeine type boost but it does help to keep you going through long workouts.

I do not know what to put here to be honest. Did help with recover, I am sure it did. But I can not gauge how much. I did not see a major difference taking it compared to not. But that is to be expected.

Pump 9/10
For a carb product this really helped a lot. I could see a lot more vascularity and overall pump was stronger. I think this also has a lot to do with my carb backloading diet.

This is an awesome product and it fit perfectly into my car backloading diet. I had not stomach issues at all with this. And stomach issues are pretty common for me when I add in carbs after all day of no carbs. I really enjoyed the product, it does everything it says it does. Taste was just amazing and did give me a boost.

I have a bonus use for the Karbolyn, a hangover killer. Not that I drink a lot, but occasionally. Since, this stuff is so easy to digest it helped to get me hydrated and helped to settle my stomach. The flavor is still refreshing after a night of beer. That is my little bonus tip for everyone.

Overall, I loved the product. I am going to continue my experiment and get another carb product right away so I can compare the two. But compared to any carbohydrate product I have used in the past, Karbolyn is the best!!

Thanks again to everyone at AAEFX!!
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