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Default Final Review

I have struggled finding a carb source I like and that I feel has some benefit. I have found it in Karbolyn.

I am not a big sweet tooth so the various sugars don't really appeal to me. My usual source of pre and post workout carbs are bananas and sweet potatos. Both yummy sources, but at times a pain to measure out and work with.

I have tried Wazy Maize a couple of different occasions. I found it messy to work with and caused bloating for me. I didn't like the texture either, so I would rather do without than to use it.

Karbolyn has been great. It mixes well. No gritty feel about it. I had the strawberry flavored version and loved the light strawberry taste. Not too sweet not too bland. No bloat or gas.

I tried taking it a couple different ways during my trial of this. Let me say upfront. I could tell a difference when I did not use it. Energy and strength levels were down as was my focus. Today (I have bought some more, as I am sold on this stuff) I tried to front load, using 50 g pre workout and none during. I did not have the sustained energy throughout the session. It does not work like some of the pre-workout supps, giving you a burst of energy and then a crash. Instead, I have found a consistent flood of energy when I am using this pre, during and post.

My recommendations. 1. Get a scale to measure, as 1g =1g of carbs. The cup they send is greater than 50g so if you go to the top of the cup you will be getting somewhere between 50 and 70 g of karbolyn.
2. Take 25 g preworkout, 25 g during workout with your intra workout drink and then I take 50 g post workout, giving me about a 2:1 carb to protein ratio.

The strawberry flavored is very light but good and makes a nice pre and intra drink. I like the versatility of the unflavored the best. This could be a great part of a weight gaining plan if that is a goal and works quite well with a low carb approach to eating too. On training days, Karbolyn is my primary source of carbs for the day.

I would give this product 4 thumbs up out of 4.
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