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Points: 3,253, Level: 35 Points: 3,253, Level: 35 Points: 3,253, Level: 35
Activity: 1% Activity: 1% Activity: 1%

Week 18, Monday, 7-2-12
Squats, 245 (7,7,6). I'm staying at 245 until it feels lighter.
Calf Raise 8 reps, 280, 290, 300(6)
Cleans 5x3, 175. Barely. Technique has to be more consistent.
W.Situps, 3 x BW+90 x 15. Can't believe I can do situps with 90# on my chest.
Hangcleans, 135 (1x5)

I'd love to have a coach on the cleans, but no one in this town (AFAIK) teaches/coaches this movement. None of the trainers at this gym are qualified to do it (imo).

Week 18, Tuesday, 7-3-12
Bench, 280(1), 265(2), 250(3), 235(4), 225(5). Same as last week.
DbRow85 (12,11,10). 1 more than last week.
Dips BW+85(7,6,6). 4 more than last week.
Chinups BW+25(7,6,6). Same as last week.

Bench feels lighter than it has in the past. 280 moved up smoothly. I'll be trying a lifetime PR of 285 next week. Then, I need some advice. Do I go back to the 20 rep goal set up and see if I can finally get the 20 reps at 250? Or should I stick with this until progress stops?
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