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Originally Posted by ricka182 View Post
I've done a few before, make some real good pulled pork. I use hardwood charcoal, lots of it to form a good bed of coals. Then chunks of moisted hardwood, hickory and applewood usually. I use some apple cider vinegar to soak them prior.

For the pork prep, the night before rub it down with dijon mustard, then a mix of black pepper, paprika, oinon powder, and brown sugar. Wrap the whole thing in plastic and fridge it overnight. Take it out about an hour before it goes on to let it hit room temp. I try to keep the smoker temp around 250d, smoking about an hour per pound. Time is a guide, more important to watch internal temp to 180-190 degrees at the thickest part. On the grill for the first 5 hours, then wrap in foil to finish for extra juicy awesomness.

I only open the door once every 40-50 minutes for mopping. Mopping is applying a sauce or other liquid to help keep it moist. I like 2 parts apple cider vinegar, 1 part grapeseed oil, and 1/4 part orange blossom honey. I use a bbq mop, you can find them online or just use a spray bottle.

And just to make sure, you know the pork is cooked with indirect heat, right? If you put the pork over the coals direct for 8 hours, you'll be dissappointed for sure. I only say so because I know someone who bought a smoker, and didn't do it right, would up with a 6 pound chunk of charred nastiness..

What kind of smoker is it? Now I'm hungry...and it's going to be too damn hot this weekend for me to be cooking outside.. om nom nom
Great post. I water smoke, so I have not had a need to mop, mine have been very moist.

I have made a rub with some salt, pepper, brown sugar, chopotle powder, dark choc cocoa, garlic and a little paprika.

On a similar note, different animal. Anyone ever try smoking a London Broil?

Careful with the sugars, as they can burn easily.
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