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Originally Posted by jwood View Post
I talked to a guy a few days ago about a variation of the lower body days of th westside template that he uses for many of his younger athletes with great success. Here it is

Instead of having one ME Day and one DE day he mixes the both of them so one day you have a max effort squat day and then you do speed deadlifts after the heavy squats. And on the other day you do speed squats and after this you would do heavy good mornings or deadlifts. After the two main lifts he suggest doing a lot of lunges and back extensions since I do not have a reverse hyper maching or a glute ham raise machine.

So it is a way to squat more often and also get in some speed work.

I do not how much experience you guys have with the westside template, but I wanted to see if anyone thought this was a good idea??

It sounded pretty good to me so I may experiment with it.
My old powerlifting routine started as a Westside variation, and melded into a periodized system. I am somewhat familiar.

I am actually a fan of doing ME squats and DE work on the same day. I like to lift squats/good mornings on one day, and then focus more on deadlift specific movements the next "posterior chain" day.

Personally, I love good mornings on squat day. They always feel lighter after squats, so I get more out of them. But that's just my personal tastes.

On deadlift day I like doing more hamstring, abs and back specific work like romanian deadlifts, GHRs, speed/rack pulls, front squats and/or sumo squats.

I'm not a big fan of back extensions or lunges. I don't like the pressure lunges put on mu knees, but again, that is a personal thing. I also would prefer to better spend my training time doing a heavier supportive movement. And back extensions...well, I get more out of sumo deads, good mornings, front squats, zercher squats and romanian deads then I ever got from back extensions. Back extensions always made me sore, but never seemed to add much strength.

Again, my caveat...this is just my personal tastes. Mileage may vary. I've never trained a young lifter, and if his system works...well, do what works.

I like focusing on heavier movements on posterior chain days. But I have an insanely strong lower back to begin with.

If I had to train a young lifter, I would have him rotate in several staple movements over a 3 week period, and train him more in the 3-8 rep range using good old fashioned bodybuilding style straight progression until his lifts got up.

The problem with Westside and young lifters is that conjugate training works best for intermidiate to experienced lifters with defined weaknesses. When everything is your weakness, and you are new, I don't believe Westside is the fastest way to gain strength.

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