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Originally Posted by big valsalva View Post
Very good. That's kind of what I was looking for. So you're saying:

*You get a spike with whey alone in excess of 45 grams.
*You get a spike with protein/high carbs.
*High protein/high fat is no problem for you.
*You're getting 350ish grams of protein per day spread out over four meals.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from you on this topic. Good info.

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Thats correct. One other thing I get a blood sugar spike from is lifting. Once I deplete my glycogen stores, my liver goes nuts producing glucose. I can reduce this effect by eating high fat during training. To this end, I usually bring 1/2 a cup of almonds or macadamias with me these days.

This leads into another area I may write on some time, but I live in a state of ketosis(not to be confused with ketoacidosis). It is completely safe for all organs as the brain is the only thing that requires glucose and the liver is quite able to produce enough for it. Everything else is capable of running on fatty acids.

Before I forget again, the urinary protein is always either negative or trace these days, even on my highest protein intake days. One easy way to tell you are losing protein into your urine is a large amount of foam in the toilet bowl after urination.
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