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Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
There's a lot of wisdom in what you say.

This comment puzzled me, though:

What makes you say that 50g protein is ludicrous? It seems low to me as well, but that's because I'm used to comparing that figure to that claimed from sources (e.g. personal trainers).
My point of view on 50g of protein max is that it severely limits the type of food you can take in. There's protein in grains and legumes, so if we have a meal of a decent burrito with beans, rice, and some ground beef, we're already pushing the limit of the amount of protein allowed. Then, in order to get the amount of calories you need, you would need to consume food of a lower nutrient density in order to meet your caloric needs, increase fat beyond the suggested levels, etc.

I wish I could recall the author, but the article was called something along the lines of "The Murders in Eden" in which archaeologists or paleontologists or some similar discipline looked at the bones of our ancestors and found that when the switch to agriculture happened, two profound changes took place.

1. Children multiplied
2. People were shorter

The surplus of calories allowed more children to be born, but the shortage of protein kept them shorter. Today, many cultures still eat bizarre things to get ahold of protein. I think the gov't guidelines might be better served giving a range for protein consumption, with 50g being the bottom, and advising the populace to adjust their overall caloric intake accordingly. I can't say what the maximum would be, but for the average sedentary individual, surely there can be no harm in hitting 100g of protein a day and reducing high impact carbs to spare their pancreas and metabolic pathways.

I'm also going to throw this out there, even though most of the weight lifting community would stone me for it (not MAB, but those outside of here). I view whey protein as a refined food and limit my intake accordingly. Because it isn't mixed in with its normal accompaniment, its hit the blood sugar rather more harshly than it would otherwise. I'm not against whey, but I must limit how much of it I use.

For people who don't have a metabolic disorder, I advocate a sensible diet. Steaks with the fat on them, but not huge gobs of it, a potato with a little butter and sour cream, some veggies, is a fantastic meal. But its easy to over to it, grabbing a 20 oz steak, 2 pound potato, and half a stick of butter.
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