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Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
One of the things I found fascinating was the idea that the food industry gradually moulded popular culture to invent new meal-times (i.e. snacks), so they had more opportunity to sell things.

I'm not sure I completely buy it, but it's an interesting notion.
I think there's more to the story than just what is shown in the documentary, but I really enjoyed watching it. I would argue that automobiles have more to do with the fattening than most other single causes. Now, this is based only on personal experience, but when I am walking from place to place 3 things happen.

1. I have less time to eat since it takes longer to get where I am going
2. I am less hungry for junk
3. I am burning more energy and increasing my overall health

Will walking 10 miles a day let me eat the way I want? No, only monthly liposuction could do that. But if I even walk just 2 miles a day, good things happen to my blood tests and my waist line. Couple that with the diet that works for me, and I'm good to go.

Are grains evil? No, over consumption is. In my opinion, its easier to over consume grain products than other products. Its damn hard to get morbidly obese by eating steak and broccoli. (Not that I wouldnt be up for trying if someone wants to buy the steak). Fats aren't evil, but consume the wrong ratio of the wrong type and its not good for you either.

I haven't seen any issues anyone has raised with protein that hold any water, it seems to be the one macro-nutrient no one wants to go to war with, but then again, the gov't says I only need around 50g a day, which is ludicrous. I'm not advocating 500g a day either, that is equally excessive. Unless you're Andre the Giant in which case who is going to say anything?

I will say that a high fat, high protein, low carb diet is the only diet I can be healthy on. I'm diabetic, whether my blood work shows it or not. By controlling the amount of insulin released, I can stay sensitive to it and stay healthy, but when I allow myself to (even in moderation) enjoy high carb fare, my cells because desensitized again. It sucks, but I know what I need to stay healthy. Others may not need to be this restrictive, but I would universally advocate reducing sugar intake to nearly nothing, in season fresh fruits excepted, and then, once again, in moderation.
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