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Originally Posted by Chillen View Post
Though New York State with their recent ban on large soft drinks, would want you to believe that soft drinks are the cause of obesity, the actual cause or causes actually are much deeper than this. In most cases pointing to the average healthy male and female, it is simply eating far too much, and the inability to self-discipline, turn on the brain in reference to the food they eat, and marketing/promotional schemes from businesses.

Though I never really, drank soda regularly, I have used the soft drink (on occasion) for diet strategic reasons.

Being lean now, I don't drink it, but when I was working to lean down, I sometimes would drink a large (diet) soda, to obtain the stomach bloat (from the Carbonated water) to obtain temporary stomach fullness, and this gave me time to smack myself upside the head, and keep my diet.

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I was never a diet soda person. I loved any flavor that was not diet. It was very hard for me to get off the soda kick but I am so glad that I did.
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