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If this was the meet, I would be leaving the platform very proud as I left nothing on it. I am so, so very happy with my deadlift PR of 450. It wasn't pretty, but pretty doesn't count on the platform. Never giving up does.

135 X3
185 X3
205 X2
235 X2
265 X2
295 X1
315 X1
340 X1
360 X1
380 X1
400 X1
412.5 X1
425 X1
435 X1
440 X1
I have never had 440 on my back before. I won't count it as a PR as I didn't think I hit depth. The goal was to just get used to a heavy(ier) weight that 405, so that 405 will feel lighter, thus increasing the likelihood I will nail it at the meet. White Light 405 at the meet means everything to me, and will for sure pave the way to smash bench and deads.So far, this is working. Just a few weeks ago I was struggling to get 365 to depth. I thought I hit depth on the 412.5, so I am very pleased with it.

Bench Press
155 X2
175 X1
195 X1
205 X1
225 X1
245 X1 Paused
255 X1 paused
265 X1 Paused. Paused PR!!!!
272.5 X1 Non Paused PR!!
Words simply cannot explain how I feel about this. I remember it was really only last year my goal was to get a 1RM of 2 PPS.

190 X2
250 X1
320 X1
360 X1
390 X1
415 X1
427.5 X1
440 X1
450 X1 PR!!
Excuse me while I go dancing down the street. Just last month I was sturuggling to get over 425 and twice failed at it. That taught me a valuable lesson to never give up. This was definitely my proudest lift to date.

The plan forward now is to fine tune my squat form and depth and just lift as hard as I can on Bench and Deads. Three weeks to the big day!!

Just one more note - I hopefully will be able to catch up on journals soon. This past week has been a marathon to get mom's house ready for sale. It is now done and ready to list. the reno cost about $12,000 but increased the value about $55,000 as we did most of it ourselves. The extra money will more than pay for my 1990 Mustang 7Up Ragtop. That car is now almost mine again, and I couldn't be happier. It means everything to me.

The past 4 months of hard bust my a$$ labor has left me exhausted, but I am leaving my best for last on July 7th.

My Favorite Part Of Lifting Is Having The Opportunity
Meet PR's: (May 2014) Raw Natural
Squat 475 lbs
Bench: 286 lbs
Deadlift: 501 lbs
Total: 1262 lbs
Age: 50

Gym PR's:
Squat: 495 lbs
Bench: 300 lbs
Deadlift: 520 lbs/500X5
Total: 1315 Lbs
Age 50
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