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I like looking up the older lifters on the internet, it reinforces that we have plenty of scope yet.

The thing I find weirdest is women that start later in life but wouldn't be seen dead in their earlier years lifting weights at the gym. Then if you sit and think about it, at most gyms/fitness centres, I bet 90%+ of women are on treadmills and never go near the weights at all...the question that springs to mind is "why?"

I really think it's because of gender socialisation, we see adverts aimed at women and fitness/health etc but they are always seen to be jogging never lifting weights. Admittedly there is the whole concept of stereotypes and muscular gains as well but TV shows women running and that can't help the issue.

I mean, really, why do women all head for the treadmills, generally? It's an interesting topic.
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