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Originally Posted by fatnomore View Post
Do detox programs really work do you think? It just does not sound like they should work but then again I am not really sure.
What sort of detox? There are detox plans to completely clear a person out, then there are detox plans to get certain items out of a person's system so that they start "afresh" so to speak.

The first is generally pointless because as soon as a person starts eating again they put weight on and the colon does not do well being empty, the walls of the colon should be kept apart which does occur when food/waste is passing through it. Colon/intestines, not sure which it was but more than likely the article I read referred to both (it was some years ago).

If a detox is meant to wean someone off certain foods by desensitising their palate, that may work.

Personally, I only ever go without food, if I'm ill and don't feel I can stomach food or if I'm going for an operation and am not permitted food; detoxes just seem pointless.
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