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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post

Focus on the 2 things you can control:

1) Getting strong on the basic, compound movements.
2) Forming an eating plan that contains a reasonable amount of protein.

Given your height and weight I would say you could easily lose weight on 2500 calories per day. I would start around there, eating 200-250 grams of protein per day, and breaking up the rest between fats and carbs. Eat mostly healthy, but leave a few calories here or there for those craving moments.

After the third week assess how your eating plan is going, and make calorie adjustments from there.

OK, what should I be doing to build though? I have several workouts that I can do, but my arms are no where near what they used to be. I want to build my arms up, build my chest up, and convert the fat. I'm not necessarily looking to "lose weight" I'm looking to change weight... does that make sense?

I keep hearing if I want the weight gone then I should diet, and that's an easy concept.

I also get the flip side, If you want to build mass quick, EAT (while working out). again simple...

I don't want to "lose weight" I want to get bigger, and convert the bad to good.

Sorry to re-issue the question, but how should I diet if I'm trying to build while cutting fat?

That is where im having the hang up.
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