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I just wasn't feeling the love of the iron today. I am going to stop doing early AM sessions for now, as getting up at 4:00AM just once per weekday is too difficult on the system. On Wednesday's, I will train after work. I was also blah this morning due to some bad news from the Eye Surgeons on Tuesday. The good news is that many of the spots have cleared up on my retina and that the inflammation is under control. My world has become very blah, literally. All colors are dull and lifeless, even neon colors. I discovered I cannot see rainbows. I failed my color test with flying colors. My eyes are constantly sore. It's not "pain"per se. It feels like I have been crying even tho I haven't. The surgeons feel this is inconsistent with the inflammation under control and that the birdshot spots have decreased. The think I may have more problems than originally thought. I have to go for more tests in the upcoming months. As it is turning out, I am stumping a whole team of docs and surgeons, and they told me they are going to consult other docs around the world. I am quite concerned and upset about it, but I will try to forget about it and just focus on my lifting and the meet.

I think I have to adjust my camera, as it appears to be crooked. I could have sworn my squats were deeper than they looked. I was quite surprised when I saw the vid. At any rate, I am capable of better and will get it done on Saturday. The heavy squat 5X5 sure is one helluva B!tch to say the least. I have been quietly progressing by at least 5 lbs per week on each set since my back injury.

265 X5
285 X5
315 X5
335 X5
350 X5

Incline Bench
145 X5
165 X5
185 X5
205 X5
225 X3 PR - Last PR was 205
I was happy to get the 3 reps at 225 to say the least. Had a problem unracking it. I think I may adjust the pins down 1 notch next time.

135 X1
145 X1
155 X1
165 X1
175 X1
Wanted to do more but I was pretty thrashed at this point, so rather than risk an injury called it a day.

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