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Default iForce testabolan

Come on now iforce! testabolan? WTF?! I hate it when supplement companies name products to sound like steroids. Just ain't working for me. No way I would buy that ****.

Anybody know what all this **** is anyway?

Proprietary Matrix: 25-hexahydroxycholest-one™ (Patent Pending extraction yielding 2B, 3B 14alpha, 20B,22,25-Hexahydroxycholest-7-en-6-one) 26-Hydroxydiocine™ (26-0-beta-1-glucopiranosil, 22-hydroxifurost-5-en-3-beta,26diol,3-0-beta-diglucoramnoside) Isolated embryonic oglio-peptides, inositol hexaphosphate
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