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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I created a new "Interview" sub-forum int he Round Table forum:

The Round Table - Muscle and Brawn Forums

Interviews - Muscle and Brawn Forums
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I'll join in. Anyone else that wants to help let me know.

I'm going to make the sub-forum right now.
Thus far we have Steve and I, as interviewers.

Any one else want to be an interviewer?

Starting out with about 4 (possibly 5 for now) may be about right. If not, we can begin with 2, and add others later, to get the process started.

Its my understanding that we are in agreement that the interviews will have separate threads, but under the sub-forum Round Table.

I think the heading of the thread should have a basic format: "Muscle and Brawn Interviews Member______________", so its very distinct. (for example)

To me there are 3 categories of members, we need to address:

The regular member in which contributes regularly.
The regular member in which only posts once in a while (for various reasons).
The Guest.
The Lurker.

We should at least PM the regular contributor, and once in a while Member, in advance to ensure they want to be interviewed, because we have a lot that have not posted (their opinion in one way or the other) in this thread and may not have seen this thread, etc, etc.

We also have to keep the communication good between the interviewers, on who is doing who and when?

When consent is reached, we then announce on forum who is going to be interviewed. We should do it one at a time (the interviewers taking turns), at regular timed intervals, so the focus stays on the interviewee for a length of period.

This following is just a suggestion on being somewhat--"proactive" on future and potential members, by which we need to be careful in our efforts.

The Guests and Lurkers are a bit more complicated. On the lurkers (or none posters, etc), this would take active participation on observing the "Who is Online List", Member Data Base, etc, and making an---appropriate and professional PM. At worst, is no response or no. At best, we get a response and touch a nerve and connection. Its worth--AN EFFORT.

Guests are much more difficult. And, I am still trying to figure this one out, LOL.

Right now the best Proactive response I can think of is to "Professionally call out or call upon a guest to sign up, and be interviewed" (where we would select our wording carefully).

And....maybe we get some to sign up and respond. I am not taking doubts here....We don't know if something will work unless we try.....many things that people created that were doubted or believed to be failures...worked.

Let us stay positive.....this works, but be educated in kindness in looking at the cons.

I am going to send my first PM, to the first person I am interviewing, and will report back.

We need to talk more on the structured format of the interview, and get settled on this major part.

Lets work on this being successful!

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