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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I think we need a pool of the basics. I use a question pool for my interviews.
Agreed, but in some cases where the interviewee is known, we can make adjustments and add in certain questions more taylored to the person. I will work one up, Steve.

Anyone that wants to volunteer. Just like the challenges we had, many fall away. So the smaller, the simpler, the better in my opinion.
What about a group of about 4 to 5, and each member has to be a regular contributer. And, since you are the Admin., and know most of the members, I suggest, you select. I do want to be one of though, boss man . When its one of the interviewers to be the interviewee, then one of the others can take over.

There are many programs, in which people volunteer, and their method of payment is in the satisfaction in their heart and in their soul, and seeing people or organizations become successful. Their motive doesn't go any more above the aforementioned. A forum is no different. There is no forum member getting paid to post or to comment. So we have to bring in better and improved reasons to pull the volunteer strings of their heart.

If prior interations such as the Challeges have failed, IMO, it is a possibility we need examine the reason as to why, and see if their is a cure for this complication. Even on the surface, without a thorough examination, it points to US. US, as a group working and pulling together. If this isn't happening, I believe we need to find the to why, and troubleshoot the issue, until we find something that works.

IMO, the future of the Interviews (or any idea) is in our hands. WE have no one to blame but us, if it fails. As hard as this sounds, I believe this is the truth. Its no different as compared to our personal fitness goals, with the difference we have a group of quality members trying to work together for the common good.

Personally, I do not like the negative tone this brings. Rather, I believe if we think it will work and be successfull, think we will work together, and think it could help the forum----IT SIMPLY WILL. Its a matter of willing it together with some common sense and help from other members.

I do not accept the inference of failure. Period. Its not in my blood.....or in MAB....Correct?

I will be home in about an hour or so. I have some additional thoughts I want to share, and will answer any more questions that are posted at that time.

Peace and happiness to all of you.

Lets make this work. It will take us. Period.
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