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Originally Posted by Bodybygamma View Post
Here is my 2cents in the matter. Powerlifters, especially GEARED powerlifters who only want to do focus on the big 3 lifts only would of course find C & P to be useless. They only want to make there lifts go up. Good chance 90% of them can't even clean more then 135lbs off the ground and I am willing to be the same number can't even overhead press half of what they bench raw.

I personally like C&P ideas for a beginning Strength training lifter. Beginners need to learn pain and build a threshold. They need to max out more and build a foundation. They don't have injuries from years of training to slow them down, beginners need to learn the difference between muscle growth gains, and joint pains and muscle tears. It needs some tweaking but as your progress and learn your body it should be but its principal guidelines are the same. Pick some exercises and do damage! It is my belief that if you want to be strong you learn the hard way, and get stronger and grow from it. If you don't know what your doing, find someone strong to teach you, or strive for basics. I say strength trainer, because I believe everyone should build a foundation before they try to limit maximal weights. Before you learn how to clean, you must learn how to pick the bar up, how to balance it stabilize it etc.

I do not tolerate favoritism in strength,I strive to have a strong everything! I absolutely despise single disciplined lifters,unless they have injuries limiting them, other than that there is no reason why strongman and powerlifting will never reach the Olympics and my Olympic lifting will never get the credit it deserves, because you have all these strong people afraid to agree on something the rest of the world would classify them all as anyway. However I have beef with Olympic lifters who strive so much on technique they bash strength in its rawest form, and to them I say DO THAT WITH OUT YOUR FANCY OLY SHOES AND WHIPPY BAR! (It really makes a big difference lol)
BTW I post at wanna be big, lots of strong guys there who I know and some who I have the up most respect for, but there are also lots of single minded guys there as well. I rant because I can't stand when people place limitations on themselves and then bitch and moan. I try to be civil but their reasoning behind it is out of fear,it annoys me.

There are always risks involved in training, maybe the workout is too intense for most, that is its edge tho. All training styles should be viewed as mere guidelines, since nothing is written in stone.Ed coans deadlifting training is ridiculous yet effective, yet it is not bashed as such. And opinions are like assholes, everyone has them.
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