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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Just read his e-book last week. Good stuff.
I'm really looking forward to his next e-book coming out. He put out the table of contents and it looks like it includes a TON of information

LIFT-RUN-BANG: Strength - Life - Legacy Current Table of Contents

Strength - Life - Legacy
Strength is King
The Lion
Strength and Women
Your code
Becoming the Lion
The LRB Philosophy
Sets and Reps
Training Economy
Volume and Frequency
Starting Light
Strength Peaking
Leaving a rep in the tank
Building Lifts
Weak point lifters
Jack of all trades
Be strong, be in shape
Have a reason
Taking the easy path
Strength bell curve
The 85-93-100 rule
Meet day options
The opener
My squat sucks
Technical difficulties
Hands on the bar, and elbow angle
Low bar vs High Bar
Getting under the bar
The descent
Bar Path
Misc shit
Cheat sheet
Pause Squats
Pause Squat Only Cycle
New Strong-15 cycle
Implementing the testing week
Trial and Error
My Deadlift Sucks
Back Building
The Erectors
Chins and Pulldowns
Rack Pulls - Pros and Cons
Strong-15 Block Deadlift Cycle
Technical difficulties
Feet in relation to hand space
Hip Height
Lower and Upperback
Puppy Tummy
Relax your arms
Jerking off
The bar over knees
Max Deadlifting
Cheat Sheet
New strong-15 deadlift cycle
Balancing back building with deadlifting
My Press sucks too
Bench Pressing
The setup
Determining your strongest position
Power Path
The new strong-15 bench cycle
Misc. shit about benching
Other pressing movements
Incline Press
Standing Press
Press Behind the Neck
Board Pressing
Floor Press
Dumbbell Pressing
Head Press
Klokov Press
Machine Pressing
Misc shit about pressing in general
Training Splits
The man-maker
The traditional
The minimalist
The athlete
Powerlifting twice a week
The strongman
Strongman deadlift cycle
The Short Timer - The strong-15 short cycle
Squat cycle
Bench cycle
Deadlift cycle
Notes on the short cycle
Short cycle with a long deload
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Measuring Stick
Thoughts about conditioning
Lifting while conditioning
More thoughts about conditioning
Training for mass - The new big-15 program
Setting the stage
Why bodybuilding?
Strength vs Mass training
Getting stronger with a caveat
High Volume training
The over-warm up
50% sets
Rep range and 1RM
77 to 70 and 73 to 65
Mass Template - Big3/Little3
3 Big
3 Little - 20/15/10
Staple Movements and examples
Post-Staple Work
A word on rows
The overall template
Example Routines
The big 2/4 small split
Misc. shit about the template
Where are deadlifts?
Eating for mass
Bodypart specialization
Keys to specializing
If I could do this shit all over again........
Philosophies behind beginner training
Fat beginners
Transitioning into intermediate
Intermediate mass split
How long until I advanced?
Old guy training - For those thinking about viagra and social security (not completed)
Training Heavy
Legs, Hips, and Midsection
Pre-Hab and Rehab
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