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Originally Posted by Force of Green Labs View Post
I sourced the last of the formestane and the compounding facility literally fudged all of it up and rendered the product 'near useless' as far as foam is concerned. I was given a choice to either fix it myself or pay a lot of money to have it shipped back and either have it refunded or fixed. I redissolved it properly and reconstituted it myself (12+ hours non-stop) and it still didn't work out. I am devastated with this situation, as many customers with TransForm were unhappy with this. I'm overwhelmed with emails and PMs about it and I'm trying to do all I can. Right now, I have no business partners, no help, and no one that can offer decent advice on the situation. I'm going to rectify this... it's just been beating the life out of me with this and other issues going on with sourcing and personal issues.
Sorry to hear that you're going through this Kyle! I really wanted to see you guys take off and do well. Hope you get it resolved for the sake of FOG!
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