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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
I said it was better, not perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. It would be benefitial to stop looking for the perfect routine that hits everything.

Looking through your past posts I think just sticking with a bench press and a shoulder press and just getting big-time-strong would serve you "best". But you also have to believe in your program and have fun doing it, so carry on.
Thanks Offroad. I appreciate the help. I will do it as we have it and just focus on adding as much weight to the bar as possible. And maybe sub in diff exercises at times, like skullcrushers for tricep pushdowns, or close grip bench oinstead of tricep pushdowns, or bench dips, etc etc.. hammer curls instead of regular.. I will cut down on my diet a little bit more and still try to add more more weight. Then, slowly clean bulk and try and add even more weight and look like a Natty Jay Cutler LOL

thanks again! excited to try this one this week

Edit- I learned a lot from this routine. One - make sure your routine is balanced with push to pull ratio.. And, instead of trying to add a bunch of different exercises to the routine.. Get really strong in a FEW exercises and you will grow!

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