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Default My Upper/Lower

Bench Press 4x8
Incline DB Press 3x10
DB Press 3x10
Chins 3xfailure
Tricep Pushdowns 4x10 Supersetted with.
Curls 3x15

Lower & Traps
Squat 3x10
Lunges 2x10
DB SLDL 3x10
Calf Raise 2x20
Face Pulls 3x20

Upper 2
Floor Press 3x10
Incline 2x10
Flys 2x15
Side Raises 3x10
DB Rows 2x15
Skull Crushers 2x10
Tricep Pushdowns 2x10 suppersetted with.
Curls 3x15

Lower & Traps
Deadlift 3x8-10
Leg Extensions 3x15
Leg Curl 3x15
Calf Raises 2x15
DB Shrugs 4x15

What do ya guys think.. i wanna start monday
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