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Default 5/25/2012 Dog House Training

Shoulders and Legs

1 hr prior - 25 g Karbolyn + 2 Scoops of Con-cret
15 min prior - Beta Cret
Intra - 26g Karbolyn + Gluta Tren
Post - 50 g Karbolyn + Whey Isoalte

** Today's training was fasted so all of the above was welcomed.

5 minutes bike
5 x 10 DB Press
5 x 10 Side Laterals
5 x 10 DB Front Raise
Tube shoulder work

Working Sets

2 x 115 - Oops.
4 x 10 x 80

21 minute presbytery phone call. I had been waiting all week for the call to be returned so I had to take it. Of course, workout lost focus.

Front Squats
3 x 8 x 115

Arnold Presses
3 x 6 x 35

Good Mornings
3 x 10 x 115

Today has just not been the best of days, too much on my mind, having a hard time focusing on much of anything. This is the end of 12 weeks of Boscience. I have enjoyed the cycle but feel I really need to be focusing on strength right now. My body is telling me it needs a change too. I have a hunch I have put my metabolism to sleep, and I need to step back and ask myself some serious questions.

Since my son is home for the summer and has asked me to work with him, I am going to return to the MWF fullbody training for strength. I have narrowed things down to Wendler's 5/3/1 fullbody routine or the good ole Starr 5 x 5. Over the weekend I hope to decide.

BHNP - Wasn't thinking when I set up. Last week I did 70 lbs, so I through two 35's on there (70 lbs), forgetting about the 45 lb bar. Was flabbergasted when I could barely unrack the bar. About halfway through the second rep the light went on. Racked and reset the weights. Good thing? 80 felt light after that.

Front Squats - After the phone call, today's session became, i dunno, bleh. All sets of squats were HtoC (Hams to Calves). I didn't go up until I felt them touch.

Arnold Presses - Nothing to report

Good Mornings - of everything I did today, these felt best.

I took some measurements this morning. I can confirm that weight has stalled. Holding at 185. I will post measurement comparison once I sit down and plug everything in. Pinches were all over the place, so I am not sure I am going to plot them. Well, time for a shower and then I am going to scrape up some money for a carb overload, ie Chinese Buffet.
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