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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
The big battle is with the either/or mentality.

And i'll add to that, getting people to think for themselves is an extension of that battle agains the either/or mentality. Blindly listening to any one of us, or indeed any 'routine' or 'program' on the internet is still conforming to someone else's mentality and still leads in to a black or white view of the world. What I like to see is an intelligent discourse, some conversation, some debate before people are committed to doing something. Part of what increases adherence to any change in life, is an ability to interpret that change through your own eyes and make it your own, to claim ownership of it. This can only be made possible if you think it through, match it with your own experiences and we have the perfect platform here on this board to do so.

Of course this has it's pros and cons, if you allow the type of discussion where you're imparting your own knowledge in a way which allows the other party to feel like they have ownership of the idea, they can always run away with it without a regard for thanks or acknowledgement. But you learn not to deal with people like that too much.

I can't lie, I've been pulled in by conviction and passion. I've rallied around causes, both political, religious and exercise related. I was looking for direction at these times in my life, and occasionally feeling overwhelmed I would align with the passionate, convicted voice instead of processing information myself.
That you and I actually have an open discourse in the Increasing Strength thread is perfect for that very reason, ultimately an open discourse helps both parties, we both learn and that should be the aim for people here.

I think I was too insecure at these times just to step out and make my own path. Perhaps I also wanted everything to be black or white, good or bad, and to align with the "good guys" or fight against the bad guys.
Yes, I think that's partly the responsibility of the writer and partly that of the reader. My style of writing has never really been very popular on some forums, I don't stylise what I'm saying or talk in an accent or try to appeal to the 'common man' (whoever he is), I write in a fairly formal monotone and don't try to be the "good guy". I don't want to be listened to because of my style of writing, if people read what I'm writing because I might talk sense every once in a while then that is enough.

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