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I've never done serious exercise and definetly no training with weights. I'm 16 and have suffered from health problems in my youth involving a weak immune system and as a result wrecked lungs, causing very low capacity and serious asthma. Thus I never took part in sport or physical activity. About a month ago (end of April), after a follow-up meeting with my doctor after an operation (that happend in Feb), the doctor enquired as to why I'm not active, and informed me that my lungs are now fine for acivity, and my immune system is normal (he did the required phys. tests to make sure too). So I've seemingly outgrown my worries, and am now left without excuse for my inactivity. The last few weeks I've been busy reading books on, and researching, strength training, and I'm now ready to go at it.

So keep in mind I was pretty much as inactive as possible my whole life... This I see as a challenge and as a good thing...

A challenge because I have not had much previous muscle stimulation through exercise...

And a good thing because I am an equivalent of a blank canvas, as I have not done sport previously, as most of my friends (sport is BIG in South Africa, especially rugby amongst my culture). So I'm not conditioned to certain movements, and stressing specific muscle groups more, also, I've therefore no prior sport related injures.

I'll be training at home exclusively. Bench, Barbell, 40kg worth of weight and a beam to hang and pull myself up on. (Prison equipment).

Stats: 1.73 meters / 5.7 ft
65 kilograms / 143.3 lb

I'm starting with a 5x5 routine alternating between 2 workouts; A, B, A, B, A, - style. 3x a week. I'll start with min. weight: just the bar, and increase with the min. amount every workout, till I fail, and take it from there. I'm taking this approach because I lack even base strength, and will need to increase the weight on my bar alot, this approach also allows me to make sure my tecnique is optimal, before I start with challenging weights. I'm starting with only compounds at first: Deadlift, Bench Press, Barbell Row, Overhead Press, Squat and Pull Ups/Chin Ups.

I started this on Mon 14 May. Got flu on that Fry. Hope to continue 28 May.
I'm very motivated and afraid.

When I restart I'll update my log weekly. Any tips are welcome and wanted.

Thanks for the support thus far.

Tell me if I must provide more info.
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