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Originally Posted by susieQ View Post
What are the benefits of using a kettlebell over using a barbell or weights? Are they easier to lift? Or is it just a personal preferrence? I have never used them before but have heard a bit about them.
No, they're not easier to lift, sometimes they can be harder both because of the shape and the way the centre of gravity is off in relation to a barbell/dumbbell. Take flyes for example, the dumbell sits above the wrist bone whereas a kettlebell hangs behind the forearm, resting on the outside of the limb and therefore still exerting a downward pull, even when the fly is at the topmost position.

Because they are thrwon about a lot more than in most BB/Db workouts, there is always the added danger of injury through misjudging or mistiming a catch against a forearm or around the body etc. Breakages of bones have been known to happen even with the best form; though that can happen with barbells as well, during heavy olympic lifts etc.

For most that employ KBs to any degree in a workout, there tends to be a preference for wanting to use them as an added training tool and they're certainly a fun element, even at the higher weights.

Front squats work well with KBs etc, probably a lot easier than a barbell front squat; take 2 x 16kg or 20kg KBs and you soon have yourself a workout, but the issues is cleaning them first which is a lot more complex; whereas a barbell is normally set on a rack and easier to get in to the intitial position for the exercise, such as the front squat.
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