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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Haha, thanks guys

I'd avoid the snatches, since you're new to them. Snatches need a lot of technique and there is a lot of room for error and injury, if you have the inclination to study and learn them though, then feel free but be careful; you can learn them alone but I'd suggest looking closely at the videos in the kettlebell section.

Swings are the best start, both double-handed and single; then there's front squats which work really well; OHP; jerks which require a bit more timing etc.

It's pretty easy for a beginner to string two or threee exercises together and just do them as a complex, over and over for several minutes.

10 swings (two KBs, one in each hand)
Clean the KBs
1 front squat
10 swings (as above)
Clean the KBs
1 Front squat
1 Jerk
repeat from the start

You could alter it and do 2 front squats, or less swings etc...and just keep repeating until shattered.
Thanks for your input here. Looks or sounds like you really know your kettlebell. Thanks again.
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