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Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
Actually, I don't get what the general rabid reaction is all about (not from Brute in particular).

What is the objection? Is it because:

(a) there is a proposal to modify eating behaviour through taxation


(b) the choice of foods that the proposal encompasses (i.e. high fat foods)

On a separate note, Star Trek 2 is on TV right now, and Kirk has just shouted 'KHHHHAAAANNNN!!!!!'
Here's why I get enraged by it all.

in Nov 2008, I weighed in over 360 pounds, ate junk, and knew it. Doc told me I was diabetic and I cleaned up my diet and dropped 145 pounds. I did it by eating high saturated fat content meats, cheeses, and huge amounts of veggies such as spinach, peppers, the occasional onion, etc. Switching from low fat high carb (my previous life) to high fat low carb brought my cholesterol down and blood sugar down to safe ranges. Now the government wants to tell me what is and isn't healthy, but they have no clue what is healthy for me.

My other problem is that any time the government gets involved in the personal lives of people, we lose freedom. Some of these losses are acceptable, some aren't. I can't travel outside the US without documentation that is stored in an unsafe manner allowing identity thieves access to that info. I can't inject myself with performance enhancing drugs unless I pay the right person to write their name on a slip of paper. I can't pack a lunch for my kids if they go to a public school, they have to eat corndogs with a side of creamed corn.

I value my personal freedom over protection from a higher authority. Let me decide to get fat, or unfat. Stay out of my house, my kitchen, my bedroom. Protect me from foreign invasion, and leave the rest to local government. Let me own a gun and some rottweilers to protect myself instead of waiting an hour for the cops to show up to the rape and murder of my family. This is not being down on local police, but just a fact that things can happen faster than we can react.

Maybe its an American thing, but we like our freedom and our space. We don't want the less fortunate harmed, don't give a damn if two dudes (or ladies) want to get it on while wearing a giraffe costume, and aren't interested in if you're a Catholic, Methodist, Islamist, Buddhist, Taoist, or Atheist. The loud jerks on both sides don't represent us. We just want to live our lives, pursue happiness, and eat a hamburger without Big Brother telling us what to do.

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