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Default 5/18/2012 Dog House Training


The Goal? To be Big? To be strong? The better goal is to be both!

Hour prior - Carbs, Protein and Creatine
a. 25 g Karbolyn
b. 38 g Whey Iso
c. 2 scoops Con-cret
15 Minutes Prior - energy and focus
a. Beta - Cret - Lemon Lime
Intra - Carbs and BCAA's
a. 25 g Karbolyn
b. Scoop of Gluta - tren - Wild Berry

5 minutes moderate pace on recumbant bike
Plate Shoulder rotations
Tube Shoulder warm up
Goblet Squats
SOHP with empty bar

Working Sets
Behind the Neck Presses
5 x 10 x 75

8 x 165 - Back Squats **
10 x 115 - Front Squats
3 x 8 x 115 - Front Squats

Hammer Grip DB Overhead Press
5 x 10 x 35

3 x 10 x 135

Standing Upright Rows
10 x 45
8 x 65
8 x 65

Leg Extensions with Hold at the top
3 x 10 x 65

Bb Shrugs
3 x 10 x 75

Calf Raises
No gas left in the tank

As I was going through the session I called myself every name in the book. This was not fun at all, it was work. Don't get me wrong, I was glad and excited to be out in the Dog House, but this was not a typical get in get it done be gone session. There were a few changes in exercises and the fact that I have not hit the shoulders and legs in about two weeks both probably contributed to the tough feeling.

BHNP - This is my favorite Shoulder movement, call me wierd, I just like it. Since I have not done it in quite some time I started a bit light. Slight pain in my left arm, but not the shoulder. I need to work on stretching and preparing for the shoulder work a little more, stop rushing the warm up.

Squats - I intended to do Back squats today but my back had different ideas. I have too much going on in the next 4 weeks to be having to deal with back issues, so I switched to Fronts. Not having done any leg work in 2 weeks hurt me. I had my cross trainers on, forgot to change to my all stars, this slight elevation of the heals did cause the squats to feel different. This weight should have been an easy 4 x 10, but not today. The puke feeling was building.

DB OHP - Nothing really to note here

Jeffersons - Need to work on my set up. Also want to check to make sure form is tight. I love these and will work on 5 x 10 next time.

Upright Rows - Another new lift, trying something different for the traps. Started light as a result. Not sure how I feel about these.

Leg Extensions - I held these at least 1 full second at the top. My legs were on fire the last couple reps of the last 3 sets. When done, I felt like rubber

Shrugs - Started from a rack pull position, as opposed to a higher position. Not smart on my part. I was tired by this point. Once in position, the shrugs were easy. More weight next week.

Over all a good session. I was drenched when finished. Had to walk over and get the church's mower, as mine needs repairs, and walked like an old man. Guess I did more than I thought.

Karbolyn Experiences
I am so looking forward to buying this stuff. The Strawberry flavored tastes good and the ease of use is amazing. I love the sustained energy I receive from the carbs. I don't go into the gym feeling like if I work too hard I am going to bring my breakfast or pre-meal back up. That is a win in itself.
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