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HeavyLifts is off to a bad start
Default HeavyLifts does Reg Park's 5x5

Well lads, it begins tonight. Going to start Reg Park's beginner 5x5.

Real name is Lee. 28 years young; 155lbs.

Right now, the screen name is a misnomer. Pretty soon, I hope to be able to live up to it!

First workout tonight goes something like this:
Squat - 5x5 (3x5 working sets)
Chins - 5x5
Bench - 5x5 (3x5 working sets)
BB curls - 3x10
Wrist Work - 2x10
Calf work - 2x15-20

Not sure what to do for the "wrist work". Thinking I'll just do static holds with a heavy arse barbell...well, heavy for me.

I'll post later to you all know how I made out. I've spent the last month or so working on the big lifts (bench, deads, squats, milt press) to get my form down.

~ Lee ~
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