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Originally Posted by LtL View Post
How do I decide which weightclass to compete in?
After a few years of consistent training and eating you'll have a rough idea. It'll be where you body is strongest while still maintaining a decent level of condition. That's your starting point. After that things get a little more complicated in my opinion.

Do you really care about peak performance? If you do, then consider that often what this means to one person will mean something completely different to another.

For example I know of one British Strongman who just recently dominated U80kg BSM. He Benches 400lbs raw and pulls over 600lbs and his overhead strength is phenomenal. This guy is completely ripped at around 190lbs. He cuts water weight prior to the competition to make weight. Now this same guy could easily walk around at 200lbs even 210lbs and still be lean by anyone's standards. But he watches his diet all year like a hawk and is still able to pull off the trick of being massively strong at that bodyweight.

He could be still be a decent 100kg lifter, or he could absolutely dominate at 80kg. Most guys who fall into the 'strength' umbrella love training, but completely scoff at diet and conditioning. But look at what the top guys are doing, this stuff makes a difference.

I still think no matter what your history, if you've been training for a long while and eating heavy you should force yourself to undergo a diet phase where you maintain your strength and get leaner. It would surprise many a former fatty what they learn about themselves and their preconceived opinions on how heavy they need to be to lift what they do, and also just how much fat they are carrying needlessly.

All of this goes out of the window if you're very tall and naturally thick boned because once you're in the Open category you should take advantage of no-upper weight limit and get as massive as possible.
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