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Originally Posted by smalldon View Post
What are some foods that will cause me to gain some weight? I am so small and weigh next to nothing right now. I just want to eat something that will stick to my ribs and make me put on some weight.
In my opinion, you need to wrap your brain around calories and macros, in accordance to your personal particulars and activity, and work from this base.

Because, in all honesty, you could theoretically eat pizza, candy bars, etc, and still not gain any "tissue" weight, if you are under your calorie MT, along with being young and having a rather high metabolism.

Again, this is where my problems with giving you advice are formed. We all love members here. We are brothers and Sisters, and we are a team. But, how can I give you accurate advice, when you are not furnishing enough information in order to provide it? I am not going to make assumptions about you. This does not do you any justice.

Therefore, when you ask questions like these (unless you have provided this information already), you need to provide this sort of information, so we can improve the quality of advice:

1. Personal Stats: Age, Present Weight, Height, and Sex.

2. How many weeks, months, years of training experience.

3. What do you have available at home to train with? Do you have weights or a personal gym? Do you have access to a area gym?

At least with me, I can not provide a more program, unless I know what you have available to train with. Or...specific diet advice unless I have at least question number 1 answered.

People have all sorts of monetary dispositions. It is not safe to assume you can afford a home gym (or already have one) nor the money to shell out for a gym membership, or what sort of profession you have the may complicate some of these decisions.

The content of the advice, depends on your personal answers, and will settle on some basic fundamentals to get you started.

Answer the questions, and I will come back and provide my opinion.

In addition, recently we made a stick on dietary needs. This thread is still work in progress, but currently has enough information, to get you started on basics, and point the right direction in order to gain weight (IF this is in deed, what you need).

This is the link:

I wish you the best in what you want out of diet and fitness. It is good that you are asking questions. Keep asking them and get all the education you can, and EDUCATE THE PATH IN WHICH YOU WANT TO WALK.

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