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Default 5/5/12 Cinco De Mayo in the Dog House

Back and Triceps

1 hr prior - 1/2 scoop Karbolyn and Concret
Intra - 1/2 scoop Karbolyn and Gluta-tren
Post - 1 scoop (to the line) Karbolyn, 2 scoops of protein, 8 oz Calorie Countdown, 8 oz water

Shoulder Plate rotations and raises
Tube routine

Working Sets

Wide Grip Pullups
3 x BW
4 x BW (Jump Pulls)
3 x BW
4 x BW (Jump pulls)
2 x BW
8 x BW (bar assist)
1 x BW
7 x BW (bar assist)
2 x BW
6 x BW (bar assist)

Chest Supported DB Rows
10 x 40
10 x 40
9 x 40
10 x 40
10 x 40

Tricep Walker Dips
5 x 10 x BW

Larry Scott Pushdowns BAMA style
5 x 8 x 50

Hanging Knee Raises
10 x BW (center)
10 x bw (right)
10 x BW (left)
10 x BW (center)
10 x BW (center)

Pullups - I stink at these, but getting better. The first two sets, I did jumping pullups instead of assisted ones. The final three sets, I put a bar across the safeties and put my toes on the bar, it was just enough of an assist to allow me to focus on squeezing my lats and working them.

Chest Supported DB Rows - It had been a while since I had done these. Lot tougher than I remember. Angle of the bench was just enough that I could not touch the floor. Focused on using the back and not the arms to move the weight.

Walker dips - Just felt like it was time to bring these back. Kept body straight up and down and flared elbows out a bit to focus on the triceps.

LS Pushdowns - Felt the fire, nuff said

Knee raises - one of the few ab exercises that doesn't bother my lumbar region.

Karbolyn thoughts
Again, just when I thought I might run out of gas, a new burst of energy came. Karboly is the only thing I am doing different. Tastes good too.

Due to weird schedules over the course of the next few weeks, I will be modifying my routine, taking it from a 4 day+ cardio to a 3 day + cardio. I will probably work it as a legs/horiz. pus-pull/vertical push-pull.
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Meet Maxes: Gym Maxes:
Squat 308 315
Bench 176 185 This WILL change!
Deadlift 408 375

Shooting for a 1000+ total for next meet, spring/summer 2015. (see quote below)

"If there is nothing you can improve on, your standards are too low!" - BAMA Strength Coach Scott Cochran

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