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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post

Fascinating Chillen, I didn't know you use this type of schedule to get into the shape you are in. As mentioned above I'll be trying this again on either Sunday or Monday so we'll see how 2 work out for me in a week.
I learned it the hard way, I tend to be a very stubborn individual to the point of fault sometimes. But, when you mess around with the weights, and diet a few years, you tend to figure out what works and what doesn't (if your heart is in it). When I first lost 45 plus pounds, dropping calories is all I had to do, the macros of carbohydrates, and fat, just didn't matter. The time I ate, how much I ate in one sitting didn't matter, as long as a calorie deficit was present. This is actually pretty good feed back (at the time) for one nearing 50. However, things began to change when BF got low (low in terms of about 10 percent, and wanting to go lower), and running deficits for several months prior.

Like a stubborn ass that I am, I stuck with what was working the passed few months. Stuck with calorie deficits as the main contributor; however, pushed cardio to new heights, and kept weight training progressively heavy. There was a point I was doing 4 cardio sessions in one day 3 to 4 times per week 30 minutes each. It was a very frustrating and depressive period.

This did NOTHING to push my BF lower.

I began reading and studying at this point, and came across Intermediate Fasting concepts, read on glucose storage (and variants of the Keto type diet). And, it was at t his point, I learned there were all kinds of ways to manipulate diet contents for various personal goals.

When I developed a varying 24 hour cycle (mainly controlled by hours of employment), IF eating plan, manipulating carbohydrates to sub-80 grams (at this point not varying it whether it was a training day or not), dropping the cardio, and adding in high rep training (to solicit higher carbohydrate usage), and one to two heavy weight training sessions (post re-feed session), is when things began to change---a lot. This is just a brief recap.

What is interesting (an may be of interest to you), is though I leaned out, I actually put on a small amount of lean muscle after several weeks. The one to two day (dependent on arrangement) re-feed, I actually felt leaner as compared to the days I was running calorie deficits and carbohydrate depravity. 24 hour IF clock was mainly 8A to 8A, but there were times I had to flip it forward, or flip it back, because of work unannounced BS. It was at this point with these personal lessons in mind, I decided to do depletion, re-feed cycles (double MT or more, dependent), and post these, I would add in calorie surplus days, and develop a power weight training for period, and follow with circuit strength training sessions, and then repeat it. All the while varying my IF...cycles around work. My body (though not big, as this wasn't my goal), responded rather well, and still does to this day.

It was in this learning process, where I learned: "hey....I could stuff my ugly face with 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving" (by cycling depletion where applicable), and just have a hey-day with food, and not worry about the 3,000+ excess calories (pushing mainly carbohydrates).

So, Yes, IF Has been good to me. Hope it works for you if you attempt to give it a shot.

Peace, my friend

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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