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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I've fasted about 10 days in my life, mostly light juice fasts. Did several single day fasts, a 2 day fast and once a 3 day fast.
I felt some of the same Btb, it was at about the 20 hour mark I started to feel very hungry again. I pushed through and it actually became easier, by the time I'd hit the gym I wasn't hungry again and eating after the gym was just a normal relaxed affair. No over-eating or any urges to.

A couple of strange things; strength was fine in the gym, I was doing sets of 12 in the Squat and it was fine. My chest felt no soreness from the previous days workout, but it was only a few hours after breaking the fast that I felt soreness from the workout over a day ago. Might be co-oincidence but I thought it weird I felt no soreness while fasting and then immediately after the DOMS it. Weight dropped down by about 1lb, after refeeding the next day.

The 2-3 day fasts must have been brutal!

Originally Posted by Kuytrider View Post
I do IF which is 16 hour fasts and I train twice a week after 14 hours fasting without ill effect.
Definitely all part of The Plan! I've been doing the 16/8 Leangains stuff for a while now, perhaps 2-3 months and it's pretty much ingrained into how I eat. It's more than easy now, it's just the way it is. I wouldn't change it.

BUT once you get over the initial hurdle of eating 1k to 2k per meal then it's actually very easy to overeat on a Leangains schedule or experience substantial hunger for little reward while in a deficit. I read a few accounts online of people using 16/8 for the majority of the week but then 1-2 24 hour fasts per week to really accelerate fat loss. I think this idea has some merit. I'm attempting another 24 hour fast from either saturday or sunday.

In regards to benefits; I've been reading Eat Stop Eat the past few days and one point which stood out to me was his contention that the body can be in either two states: Fed or Fasted. Each brings it's own hormonal responses, of which both have numerous benefits. We as weight trainers know all about the benefits of being in the Fed stage but Pilon's contention is that in the modern age where we're never more than a few hours from a meal, humans never get to experience the benefits of the Fasted stage. Of which, apparently, there are numerous.

That notion that we're missing the benefits of being in the Fasted state was very interesting. Pilon contends we're missing out on about half the hormonal benefits that the body is capable of. Glucagon levels, Growth Hormone and all sorts which are suppressed while we're either eating or digesting. That made a lot of sense to me.

Furthermore, and this is just my interpretation, the benefits of being in a completely Fasted state mitigate the negatives of a lowered calorie intake. It's during that period of fasting where we see stuff like Growth Hormone spike and various other cool hormonal stuff happen which actually offsets the lack of food. So if we bear in mind that there are only two states Fed or Fasted. The problem with the typical lower calorie approach is that it *keeps* you in the Fed state but doesn't offer any of the benefits of the Fasted state to mitigate the damage done by being in a calorie deficit. So you experience all of the negatives of a lowered calorie intake without any of the bodies own mitigating responses to lowered calorie intake. That last bit if just my interpretation however it is one potential way to explain lowered metabolism, muscle loss and all sorts during periods of calorie restriction BUT none of that during periods of complete fasting. The idea being that completely fasting is far, far better than prolonged calorie restriction because of what goes on in the body and my own experience yesterday leads me to think at least some 20-24 hour fasts during the week are a good idea and far, far better than prolonged calorie reduction.

Originally Posted by Chillen View Post
I've personally done this several times to lean out, with good results. Dependent on my work schedule, how I scheduled the 24 hour cycle would depend largely on this.
Fascinating Chillen, I didn't know you use this type of schedule to get into the shape you are in. As mentioned above I'll be trying this again on either Sunday or Monday so we'll see how 2 work out for me in a week.

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