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Had a few; one still freaks me to this day, and I can't stand dark hallways becasue of it...I turned around to see a black shaggy dog with glowing eyes; evening in a house (my parents house), we had no dog and all the doors were closed, had been for hours...I seem to recall screaming, since I got my father's attention pretty damn quickly

3 decades later and doing a degree and we were asked to research cultural items from the areas that we originated from; I came across Old Shuck, a shaggy dog/wolf, glowing's an entity that has been seen numerous occasions, apparently, in many countries as well (under different names, obviously), and around the area I was born, in particular, there are plenty of recorded incidents.

It could be said that I'd heard it as a kiddies tale prior to the incident, but nope, never.
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