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Originally Posted by TitanCT View Post
macros matter for me chillen. everyone is sensitive to something, im carb sesnsitive. that said...
Shake before bed with almond/peanut butter or 10 eggwhites and a side of almonds/almond butter/peanut butter is typical for me...right now.
Re-read my post.

Think about this some, its common sense pointing to basic thermodynamics, and basics in personal calorie/macro needs, when considering the average healthy.

If person A needs 2200 calories to hypothetically maintain body weight, but eats only 1500 calories, and......1200 of those calories (macros don't matter) are before bed. Is this person going to get fat, when the end result is 700 calorie deficit?

I think not. Eating before bed, doesn't magically make one fat.

Timing.....under these circumstances, presented, doesn't matter, the sense of losing...tissue weight.

Eating before bed (for most healthy persons, with basic goals, and keeping things EQUAL), is not a problem. I lost over 40 pounds (with my first goal want), and sometimes I ate fat and carbohydrates before bed.
Person A is a hypothetical person example, keeping health and other issues equal. You are not person A

With that said, even with sensitivities/resistance to Insulin (carbohydrates, etc) and with metabolic shifts within the body (the average healthy), if one has.....a true calorie deficit (emphasis here).......these will not matter, in the end, and one will not get fat eating before bed, and this is what I mean---in the timing or macros wont matter in this circumstance/environment. Just pointing to tissue loss, only....goal, and not pointing to other specific goals, where timings and such would matter.

We all know that in other personal circumstances, macro and calorie timing--DOES MATTER, but this depends on their goal position and outcome wanted. As macros can manipulate physical disposition. In some....personal circumstances--it probably isn't a good idea to eat before bed.......but for the general fitness person wanting a goal, its generally not an issue (dependent on a health issues, such as metabolic disorders, which do exist).

I manipulate macros and calories all the time. And, this came to play when manipulating the last few pounds especially the first time I was attempting to dip below 8 percent.

Hope your day is well, and you meet or exceed your goals for the day!

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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