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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
5Kg, Have you had this issue? Specifically related to lifting?
No, I can honestly say I've never encountered that particualr problem; I had some swelling of hands and fingers when doing cardio which could have been anything, the body heating up etc but I no longer wear my ring if doing cardio just to be on the safe side, though that was a few years ago now.

The only issue I've encountered whilst lifting was a cervical polyp that was agony (keeps recurring and has to be cut out each time, no pain relief/oxygen, nothing just a doc and a scalpel ) and it would bleed after heavy lifting or intense cardio, and cause pain to the point of needing to lay down to recover enough to be able to stand etc. Small spots of blood whilst weight training need to be kept an eye on, so should you ever encounter that you'll have some idea of what it might be, including the pain side of it; something us women may will have to deal with at times, depending on how unlucky we are.
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