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Default Recovery and routines

For the past 2 years or so, I have done nothing but low rep/heavy weight schemes. Bill Starr's/Madcow's 5x5, Some olympic based programs etc. I have ran the 20 rep squat program twice, and that's the only thing outside of the heavy lifting I have done with high reps...but that program is just brutal.

I was thinking a few month's ago every so often I tend to get extra fatigued, even though I deload after every program, I have experimented with 1 week off, 2 weeks off, 1 week off then 1 week light lifting. And I do alright, I was wondering if it was still all adding up and I still wasn't giving my CNS enough time to recover adequately. At times I still feel like im fatigued.

Do any of you ever do a light weight/high rep routine every so often, maybe once or twice a year to really give your body a break from the heavy lifting? or substitute some of the compound taxing lifts for lesser ones?

I guess im just curious how others handle their deloading and recovery through out the year.

Any input would be appreciated.
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