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Started the singles at around 95% of my 1RM and am upping 5-10 pounds a week on them. Bench singles are 5 pounds over my previous tested max now, deadlifts are closing in, and squat is into a new PR each week now. Don't know how this setup will work for others, but I'm happy with it.[/QUOTE]
Right on, bruteforce. That's pretty close to what I was imagining myself doing. Since I would be trying to incorporate this into a 5-3-1 format, I would hit the 95% during my third week. Maybe try two or three singles. THe first week might be say 90% for singles. The second week, back off slightly and follow the program for requisite weights/reps. Third week 95% for two or three singles. Fourth week deload.

My singles progression would likely increase by 5 or 10 pounds per cycle, and might -- overtime--- not be a true representation of my actual max ability. BUT heavy weights would be moved on a more regular basis than by running a conventional 5-3-1 scheme.

Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
If you're just feeling this approach out then sure, pick one exercise and see how it feels. If you want to work the Bench then I'd definitely recommend some singles followed by some rep work either on the day or a few days later. The Bench generally responds very well to more work, not always more intensity, but certainly more work done in good form.

For me, I tend to do a lot of singles, doubles and triples across my training most of the week. So it certainly can work for all the lifts, but of course take it slow and feel the approach out for yourself first.

That's really infrequent, I'd definitely consider adding in a variation in between those exercises. I'd definitely try and work each muscle group around twice a week. Working each of those 4 days across a single week for example works very well.

Sounds good. Perhaps during the other week you could do something like 5 sets of 5, or 8 triples something like that. Anywhere between 20-30 reps.

Great idea.

That's a really nice set up Brute. Definitely my type of thing.
Thank you, Fazc. Great recommendations here. In an ideal situation, I'd beable to lift three times in a regular week, leaving one workout to carryover to begin the following week.

It would look like this:

So ideally I would be pressing four or five days apart, and squatting or deadlifting four or five days apart. Again, I say ideally. I've run this basic format in the past with real good success. I just haven't mesed around with adding singles.

Originally Posted by IronManlet View Post
I will say this: Heavy singles are brutal. You do not, I repeat, do NOT rush into them if you are used to doing high or medium rep ranges all the time.

I would suggest breaking into them slowly; starting off with 5/4/3/2/1 or some other scheme to get used to handling heavier weights on a consistent basis. Once you get used to that, you can start out with singles.

As long as you are getting enough recovery, I would do singles on many different lifts at once. I'll do singles for almost every heavy exercise I do.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'assistance work' because I train everything hard and heavy; as I aim for all-round strength. But I would imagine that if you are going to concentrate on a few specific lifts above all else, you would adjust your workload accordingly to cover other movements. i.e. Shoulders, upper back, etc.

By "assistance work" I mean dips, skull crushers, chins, leg press, good mornings, etc. Basically anything that isn't totally gay, and would normally fit into your basic PL'er routine.

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
All good answers above, but is it because you will only be able to work out twice a week or maybe 5 workouts in two weeks, or something like that, that you will have such a long time between workouts? So if you can only make the gym Monday and Thursday for example and you're doing 5-3-1 and a lift a day, that means you're not getting back to the first lift for quite a while?

If so, there is a two days a week 5-3-1, where you do Squat and Bench, and the other day Press and Deadlift. Does that help? Or am I off base? I thought I read where you were doing a form of 5-3-1, so I thought I'd throw that out there if it would help.

Also, that was a very good point by Fazc. I just assumed "singles" meant going for 100%, and I assumed rep sets were going to one less than failure. I can see now where you could push the envelope badly on rep sets by going too far, and also stay within just singles quite safely if you were being prudent and listening to your body. Thanks for the reminder never to assume!

As BtB says, mileage may vary, too.
Yes Mike, 5-3-1 is my current favorite format. I'm comfortable with it. I'm used to it. But mostly I like the flexibility. By that I mean I don't feel locked in to HAVING to get my work done M/W/F, or whatever. I've learned that life doesn't always work out that way. Lifing is important to me, but my kids are more important. My wife is even more important than that. Sometimes I can't make it work every other day. Sometimes I CAN make it work, but I only have time to work the main lift, then I need to split.

That said, I'm sure that once I get back at it, things will morph into something completely different, and as long as I'm progressing, I'm OK with that.
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