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Originally Posted by big valsalva View Post
A couple of questions, being as I'm about to start training again.

1) Is it prudent to put forth a multi-front attack, i.e. work on singles on more than one or two lifts during an extended cycle? Should I focus on one lift, say deadlift, for instance, (being as I have a timely weight goal), or BP(since that is by far my weak link in the PL chain)? Or does it matter, since I plan on plenty of recovery between workouts and perhaps even 10 days between exercise specific workouts (Squat day, Bench Day, DL day, OHP day)?

2) Please discuss the amount of assistance work done during these singles phases. I would probably only attempt singles every other "week." Every fourth "week" would be a deload. I put the word "week" in quotes, because my training weeks run from Squat Day to Squat Day. Not always seven days in between. Never, in fact.
All good answers above, but is it because you will only be able to work out twice a week or maybe 5 workouts in two weeks, or something like that, that you will have such a long time between workouts? So if you can only make the gym Monday and Thursday for example and you're doing 5-3-1 and a lift a day, that means you're not getting back to the first lift for quite a while?

If so, there is a two days a week 5-3-1, where you do Squat and Bench, and the other day Press and Deadlift. Does that help? Or am I off base? I thought I read where you were doing a form of 5-3-1, so I thought I'd throw that out there if it would help.

Also, that was a very good point by Fazc. I just assumed "singles" meant going for 100%, and I assumed rep sets were going to one less than failure. I can see now where you could push the envelope badly on rep sets by going too far, and also stay within just singles quite safely if you were being prudent and listening to your body. Thanks for the reminder never to assume!

As BtB says, mileage may vary, too.
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