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Originally Posted by big valsalva View Post
1) Is it prudent to put forth a multi-front attack, i.e. work on singles on more than one or two lifts during an extended cycle? Should I focus on one lift, say deadlift, for instance, (being as I have a timely weight goal), or BP(since that is by far my weak link in the PL chain)?
If you're just feeling this approach out then sure, pick one exercise and see how it feels. If you want to work the Bench then I'd definitely recommend some singles followed by some rep work either on the day or a few days later. The Bench generally responds very well to more work, not always more intensity, but certainly more work done in good form.

For me, I tend to do a lot of singles, doubles and triples across my training most of the week. So it certainly can work for all the lifts, but of course take it slow and feel the approach out for yourself first.

Or does it matter, since I plan on plenty of recovery between workouts and perhaps even 10 days between exercise specific workouts (Squat day, Bench Day, DL day, OHP day)?
That's really infrequent, I'd definitely consider adding in a variation in between those exercises. I'd definitely try and work each muscle group around twice a week. Working each of those 4 days across a single week for example works very well.

2) Please discuss the amount of assistance work done during these singles phases. I would probably only attempt singles every other "week."
Sounds good. Perhaps during the other week you could do something like 5 sets of 5, or 8 triples something like that. Anywhere between 20-30 reps.

Every fourth "week" would be a deload.
Great idea.

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
I'm currently having good luck with running 5 singles for squats, deads, and bench, followed by a rep goal of 10 reps over 3 sets after. One other day during the week, I have a 20 rep goal over 3 sets. Its been working out well for me so far, we'll see how far it takes me.

Started the singles at around 95% of my 1RM and am upping 5-10 pounds a week on them. Bench singles are 5 pounds over my previous tested max now, deadlifts are closing in, and squat is into a new PR each week now. Don't know how this setup will work for others, but I'm happy with it.
That's a really nice set up Brute. Definitely my type of thing.
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