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Though I'd do a little write up of my experience over the last 4 months with CBL. Still adjusting and getting things right but pretty sure I've got it working good for me right now.

First couple of months I was keeping the nightly carbs low and managed to drop some weight and it can work really well if you treat it similar to Carb Nite and stay low carb for a few days and then carb up.

For the last couple of months I've stopped with the idea of sticking to a weightclass to focus on just getting stronger. I've been taking advantage of the nightly backloads and its working really well with slow & steady weight gain. Energy levels are high throughout the day and I feel stronger and leaner. A friend I haven't seen in a while commented on how I look leaner, I think it's because when I was feasting on carbs all day long I always had a lot of water retention and bloat but the morning fasts/low carb work well to avoid part of this.

Current measurements; ~93kg morning weight and 19%BF(I think this is a kind reading will get a more accurate one next week).

Start of the year; ~90kg and unknown BF%.

Will hopefully be able to compare in a few months with another BF% to see what's going on.

This is a basic day for me:
09:00 - Whey shake over fast.
12:00 - First meal; chicken, bacon & broccoli pesto with 2 HB eggs.
15:00 - Second meal; beef, fried onions and green beans with 2 HB eggs.
17:30 - Start backload gently with some fruit.
18:30 - Third meal; beef chilli with carrot & sweet potato.
+whatever carbs I feel like eating.
21:00 - Evening shake; casein, PB & full fat milk.
+more carbs if I feel.

I prefer sticking to 3 big meals that I make in bulk for the week and then just add whatever I feel like on that day, the other night was a half rack of sticky ribs, a pizza, half a garlic bread stick and a big tub of yogurt. The base works out at 3000 cals with a c/p/f of 20/40/40 but ends up in the 4-5000 region, I don't really track total calorie intake though, just what carbs I add and how I feel.

Only difference on training days is an additional shake PWO and likely a bigger backload.

Long post but might be helpful for anyone thinking about CBL and I also wanted it somewhere to look back on in a few months. I would recommend it and it's easily adjustable for goals. Also works well for people who struggle to stay strict on a low carb diet or even as a bridge towards low carb.
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