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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Hope all is well.

All is well indeed. It has been too long since I've been a contributor. I'm sorry. I've been extremely lazy. I started a new job in October, and got out of my "old routine." The new job lets me go home at 3:30 every day as opposed to 5:15 - 6:00 at the old job. So I found it quite refreshing to get off work, drive home, shave, shower, get into my jammies, and be kicked back in the recliner by 4:15. It was a nice break, but a lazy one, and one that may have jeopardized a goal of mine.

I've resumed lifting. Really, I did. A couple of months ago. I have learned that in order to get my strength back quickly, nothing works (for me anyway) like a short run of madcow 5x5. So that's what i did...or tried to do anyway. I had problems getting into the gym on a regular basis to keep the prescribed three workouts per week. Family. Wife's work/rehearsal/performance schedule, hockey, etc. I'm not faulting anyone, but I'm just saying. there was a battle going on for my time.

So I pressed on in fits and starts. In the process, I compromised the madcow routine and... *whisper* I effed with the program. (gasp!) I ended up cutting out the third workout of the week. It worked for me for a while. I wouldn't recommend anyone do it unless they already have a firm foundation, and know their body very well.

Anyway, I hit a crossroads a couple of weeks ago. I sat on the couch knowing full well that I should go lift. In the back of my mind was, "If you don't go today, you might as well hang up your jockstrap forever." And you know, I would have been well with that outcome. (This dovetails nicely with another development in my life, which I won't go into right now). But at Mrs. valsalva's nagging - er I mean URGING, I went to the gym. Long story short, for various reasons, I was unable to do my customary squats that night, and again feeling sorry for myself, I sat on a bench (one made for sitting) in the corner and sulked. I was going to go home, never to train again. My reasoning was I couldn't lift on a consistant basis to make madcow work anymore. And just as I was heading up the stairs, a thought occured to me, "Um, val...there's more to lifting than madcow." How true. I had forgotten how forgiving and flexible the Wendler template could be. So I turned around, put my Chucks back on and tested my Bench. Tied a PR 1RM that night.

Well, big val's back at it again. I know in the opening post of this particular "Squats Cure Cancer" journal I said this would be my "last journal." Well, I feel a need to get out from under the cancer banner, and move on. I will be starting a new journal, or maybe smooshing all three of my journals together into one uberchronicle with several chapters. My goal is strength. My goal is health. My goal is a 500 pound deadlift by July 27, 2013 (my 50th birthday).

It's nice to be back. I've missed the love.
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